Blog Posting #2

Technology has a HUGE impact on me now of days. When i was little i had to buy a C.D. and hopefully have a C.D. player to listen to it. I remember when having a portable C.D. player was so cool and you could carry the thing around and listen to it anywhere. Now it’s rare to have one of them and everyone uses Ipods and their computers to listen to music. I personally barely ever listen to a C.D. because i go online or to my Ipod, and it’s so easy to just carry it around on me and keep in my pocket unlike a portable C.D. player. The only thing that is annoying is having to charge it constantly!

3 thoughts on “Blog Posting #2

    • The way it’s created is much easier and so is listening to it. There are so many new sounds that are put into songs because of the new and advanced technology. Illeagal downloading is now a big issue everywhere because of it too.

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