Blog Posting #9


              Tis the season to be… Thankful! I am thankful for many things but music is one of the biggest. The type of music I am most thankful for is R&B and rap. I am thankful for this mostly because of the lyrics. When listening to these kinds of songs I listen to the lyrics. When I hear R&B I can really connect to it. The reason for this is because it’s mostly about love, having fun, and practical things a teenager can relate to. When I listen to rap it’s a little harder to connect to but at the same time its things to look out for in the future, which is why I’m thankful for it. Rap lyrics are usually about life and others’ past, how they made things better. When hearing these lyrics I’m thankful because I haven’t went through all the struggles they rap about. There isn’t really anyone that introduced me to this type of music I’m thankful for. It slowly evolved after listening to R&B. It would start with Beyonce, who would remind me of an artist, which would have me listen to Chris Brown, and he had a song with this artist who kind of sounded like Big Sean, etc. It all went on from there. I am thankful for all this music because it lets me be who I want to be, and have a different taste then someone else.

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