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The British Invasion has influenced today’s culture in more than one way: musically and non-musically. When you think of the ways music and the artists of our time has transformed, do you think of the people who actually influenced them? Bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals and The who were apart of The British Invasion and the reason Rock & Roll changed to a more edgy sound. The 1960’s  not only change the people but it changed the way you will see Rock & Roll forever.

Musically, The British Invasion had a huge impact in the 60’s. Starting with The Beatles, who were more proper and quiet for rock & roll compared to other British bands. They were more of the type of people you could take home to your parents for a nice dinner. With the songs like “She Loves You”, everyone got so caught up in the tune most  not know how to handle it, especially the teenage girls.  One of their most famous songs when they first came out was, “I Wanna’ Hold Your Hand.” In this song it said, “Oh I’ll tell you something, I bet you’ll understand. When I say that something, I wanna’ hold your hand.” This attracted many young girls and because their songs were so catchy, they got caught up in the tune and fell for The Beatles instantly. This is when the term Beatlemania came about.

Next is The Rolling Stones. This band was bluesier, not as catchy as The Beatles, but still just as affective. Their music was simple, and much easier to make and go along with. The Animals were another band that had an effect on music today. They had more of a raw sound that was a little harder to catch because they were right in the middle of the bluesy and angry sound. Their song “House Of The Rising Sun” was probably their most popular song.

Unlike The Rolling stones or The Animals, there was another band that had a great affect but in a different way. The Who was an angry band. All of their songs had to do with rebellion, anti-establishment, and the unwillingness to conform to what others thought was proper and right. In the song “Talkin’ Bout’ My Generation,” there is a line that says, “I hope I die before I’m old.” This line really shows how angry they were. In that song they are saying that people are trying to bring them down for the way they act but they don’t care and they rather rebel the more they complain because they are talking about their generation.

Besides musically, the British Invasion still had an impact on today’s culture. I think The Who is the best example of the impact it had. When The Who came out and people saw and heard how angry and even violent they were, it was a little bit to handle after hearing The Beatles. Not only was their music different but so was their style, attitude and perspectives. They had a much louder look. They did not wear suits and bow ties like The Beatles sometimes did. They were more with the rough look wearing flannels and jeans and any way they can stand out and rebel. Growing their hair longer was another way they got the edgy look. Of course The Who’s attitude was different than any other rock bands’ in the 60’s.They did not care what people thought of them and the more people did not like them, the happier they were. This is what made The Who so appealing. Instead of having problems and moving on, they rather sit and soak in the badness then make things better. Many people saw them act like this and like the thought of rebellion. It was not the norm and lots were willing to try it. Still today we have kids listen to this music and not want to follow the rules of “The Man.”

The British Invasion changed Rock & Roll. Without all of the variety, there would not have been real music in the 60’s. Even today The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals and The Who are all very popular and their music will never die and stay just in the 1960’s. It will carry on and become an even greater impact in the years to come.

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  1. Much improved. A very well written essay. There are a few grammar issues, predominantly in sentence fluency, but structurally and content-wise, the essay is quite strong and proves that you know the material well.

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