Test #3

                 There is a critical point in every person’s life where they either second guess the path they are taking or decide to take another path, leading to another journey. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin both went through this in their musical career. Because they are two very influential and popular bands, this point was very obvious and highly important.

                The Beatles: a peppy, fun, and cute band. These words described them when they came to the U.S. best, in their early years at least. When The Beatles first came out they had tunes like, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You”. All the songs they had were upbeat and fun. Later on in their career, that sound began to change. Newer songs like “Long And Winding Road”, “Black Bird”, and their most influential and famous, “Let It Be” came out. These songs were less childish and fun, but more serious and sounded older. Was this because The Beatles themselves were getting older or was it because of another reason?

                Led Zeppelin: a bluesy, soulful, and modest band. This is how they would be described when they first arrived in America. There most famous early songs were “Whole Lotta Love”, “Immigrant Song”, and of course “Stairway To Heaven”. When you listened to these songs you heard the soul in Robert Plant’s voice, the rawness he could make and blues sound the whole band created. In my own opinion, I don’t like Rock but the sound of early Led Zeppelin, the blues sound, was very appealing. But then, they changed their sound. It wasn’t as soulful and not bluesy sounding by any means. Robert plant’s voice while singing was new and now almost more country sounding. Not only did the voice of Led Zeppelin change but all the music got much lighter and a whole lot simpler. Does this also have to do with their age or is it something more?

                I believe that The Beatles and Led Zeppelin had one major thing in common: maturity. It wasn’t because they wanted something new as much, but they got to that point in life where they didn’t want to be known as fun and cute, for The Beatles, and the blues band, for Led Zeppelin. They grew older and realized that’s not the sound they wanted. But the main thing was they didn’t  particularly care about what their fans thought. They were going to make the music they wanted to make, not to please others, but to please themselves as artists.

                They also had differences though. When The Beatles matured, I don’t believe it was all of the band’s idea. I think Paul McCartney was more the leader in this decision. This statement made because he turned into the main singer/songwriter. So, as his lyrics began to change, the band followed and that became their new sound, more mature and serious. Led Zeppelin on the other hand was the opposite. They all changed their sound to fit that one sound they now favored. And though it wasn’t as raw as before, they all made a difference that changed the band’s sound as a whole.

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  1. There is a lot of good stuff here. To get picky, I would have loved to have a conclusion paragraph at the end to sum up and reiterate some of your points. Just like you did with the examples of the early songs, you should give some late examples to serve as comparisons to the songs cited earlier in the essay.

    Conventionally, the writing is quite good (with a misuse of a comma here and there). I enjoyed reading it and the structure fit what you were trying to accomplish well.

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