Blog Posting #10

Innovation doesn’t play a big part in my evaluation of good vs. bad. When I determine whether something is good or bad I base it on my own opinion, not necessarily if they have done anything new or creative with whatever they are doing but if they are talented at it. To be honest, I don’t believe innovation should be considered entirely when critiquing someone at what they are doing. Sure, it could be a factor, but I don’t think it should the breaking point between if you’re considered great or not.

                When it comes to music I look at a few things. The first thing that catches me is if it is catchy or not. I can’t help it, I love when a song just puts a smile on my face and you have the urge to sing or dance automatically, who doesn’t? I also look meaningful lyrics. When I hear a song I listen to what the artist is actually trying to say and see if there is some type of connection, which usually interests me. The last thing I listen for in music is a good beat. Not only does it have to be a catchy beat but it has to be something that keeps me wanting to listen. It doesn’t necessarily have to be new or super creative to be good.

                On the other hand, technology is different. When you look for new technology, such as a new television, phone or IPod, you want the next best thing. Something bigger and better is always wanted in today’s world. Innovation is a big part of technology. No one wants the old phones that flip when you can have a new 4G, touch screen phone or a television that you could get in the 50’s with a dial to turn the channel when you can have a 42” flat screen.  And just like a phone or a television, you wouldn’t go out and buy a MP3 player when you could get an IPod touch that includes internet and a million different apps. Technology is an exception to my opinion of innovation, though for mostly everything else it remains the same.